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I-205: Johnson Creek to the Glenn Jackson Bridge

Multnomah County, Oregon

This project is a major upgrade to one of the Portland area’s most congested sections of freeway. The project will improve safety and operations on I-205 between Johnson Creek Boulevard and Glenn Jackson Bridge. Work will include repaving approximately nine miles of I-205 in both directions, ramps and intersections; building auxiliary lanes in three locations; installing ODOT RealTime signs and improving sidewalk curb ramps within the project area. Under House Bill 2017, finishing the I-205 project on time is key to unlocking new gas tax revenues under the massive, $5.3 billion transportation funding plan approved by lawmakers this year. The bill increases gas taxes by 4 cents in January, to 34 cents per gallon. But to get an additional 2-cent gas tax bump, the I-205 project must be completed by Dec. 1, 2019. Kerr Contractors will be complete this critical project to ensure Oregon’s future infrastructure funding.

2020 – American Council of Engineering Companies – Transportation Best in Category – I-205: Johnson Creek – Glenn Jackson Bridge Phase 2, Oregon Department of Transportation, Portland, Oregon

2020 ACEC Awards

Close Project
  • + 34,000 cy of excavation
  • + 7,000 lf of storm drain, including storm drainage detention systems
  • + 19,000 tons of aggregate base
  • + 77,200 tons of asphalt paving
  • + 6 PPC concrete bridge overlay
  • + 4 monotube sign structures
  • + 9 signal modification and ramp meter installations
Close Project
  • + 300,000 cubic yards of excavation (including an undetermined amount of solid rock)
  • + New bridge over the railroad tracks for the Portland & Western
  • + 14,000 lf of 66” welded steel waterline
  • + 48,500 cy of aggregate base
  • + 65,000 tons of asphalt paving
  • + Soil nail and mechanically stabilized retaining walls

124th Avenue Extension

Washington County, Oregon

This project is for Washington County. This project consists of a new roadway that connects North Wilsonville to Tualatin, beginning at Grahams Ferry Road and tying into Tualatin Sherwood Road. The scope of work included the construction of over two and a half miles of new arterial road, reconstruction of Tualatin Sherwood Road and Grahams Ferry Road at the north and south connection of the new 124th Avenue. Work included significant excavation and embankment, rock excavation, a new bridge over the Portland and Western Railroad, new tie-back retaining walls, underground utilities, asphalt paving, landscaping, illumination and the installation of over 14,000 lineal feet of 66″ welded steel waterline as part of the Willamette Water Supply Program. Construction began in March 2015 and was completed in December 2018. Project Received honorable mention for the 2019 DJC Top Project Award for Transportation.

2020 – American Council of Engineering Companies – Honor Award – 124th Avenue Extension & Water Transmission Main, Washington County, Tualatin, Oregon

2018 – DJC Top Projects – Infrastructure $25M-$50M – Finalist – 124th Avenue Extension & Water Transmission Main, Washington County, Tualatin, Oregon


Highway 26 - 185th Avenue to Cornelius Pass Road

Washington County, Oregon

This project, located in Hillsboro, was for the Oregon Department of Transportation.  The purpose was to reduce congestion on US 26 and Cornelius Pass Road by adding an additional travel lane to over two miles of US 26 in both the Eastbound and Westbound directions along with an additional travel lane at Cornelius Pass Rd and off-ramp.

Close Project
  • replacing EB and WB bridge structures over Rock Creek and pedestrian trail with a new precast concrete bridge structure (precast concrete abutments, wingwalls, girders, and deck),
  • installing two soundwalls (2,815 foot long masonry wall and a 1,541 foot long precast concrete wall both with cast-in-place foundations),
  • installing a new traffic signal at Cornelius Pass Road,
  • water diversion, widening, and reinforcing Rock Creek under US 26 with 5,000 cubic yards of rip rap,
  • excavation of over 75,000 cubic yard of dirt,
  • placing over 70,000 cubic yards of stone embankment,
  • installing over 6,000 feet on new storm pipe,
  • placing over 45,000 tons of aggregate base,
  • and placing 90,000 tons of asphalt.
Close Project
  • + 300,000 cubic yards of general embankment
  • + 200,000 cubic yards of stone embankment
  • + 26,000 feet of new storm pipe
  • + 18 retaining walls
  • + 4 bridges and reconstruction of existing bridge

Sunrise Corridor

Clackamas County, Oregon

This project was for the Oregon Department of Transportation and greatly reduced congestion on the OR 212/224 corridor with two miles of new highway from I-205 to the intersection of OR 212 and 122nd. Included in the scope of work was over 300,000 cubic yards of general embankment, 200,000 cubic yards of stone embankment, 26,000 feet of new storm pipe, 18 retaining walls, 4 bridges, and the reconstruction of an existing bridge.

2016 – DJC Top Projects – Infrastructure Over $50M – Finalist – Sunrise Corridor, Oregon Department of Transportation, Clackamas County, Oregon


Reed's Crossing Off-Site

Hillsboro, Oregon

Reed’s Crossing is the largest mixed use, master-planned community in the Portland metro area. This required extensive off-site imporovements including widening OR8 Tualatin Valley Highway, signal modifications at Cornelius Pass Road and one of the state’s largest at-grade railroad crossing of the Portland and Western railroad. 

Close Project

+ 10,000 cubic yards of street excavation
+ New at-grade railroad crossing for the Portland & Western
+ 5,000 lf of storm drain
+ 26,500 cy of aggregate base
+ 10,000 tons of asphalt paving
+ Major signal modification

Close Project

+ 23,000 cubic yards of street excavation
+ 2,000 lf of storm drain and detention systems
+ 2,600 lf of waterline
+ 10,000 tons of aggregate base
+ 3,100 tons of asphalt paving


175th Roundabout

Beaverton, Oregon

The roundabout is located at the Cooper Mountain, at the intersection of SW 175th and SW Kemmer Rd in Beaverton, Oregon.
Work consisted of an extension of the additions to the existing City of Beaverton and Tualatin Valley Water Districts water distribution system. The work included two 24” and one 18” water line and multiple tie-ins.

2020 – American Council of Engineering Companies – Honor Award – Kemmer Road Intersection, Washington County, Beaverton, Oregon

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