Our technology is what defines Kerr Contractors as an industry leader.

We’ve gained a substantial competitive advantage through our ongoing investment in Global Positioning Systems (GPS) technology from Topcon and Zonar and cutting-edge training programs. We also have introduced mapping and surveying with drones. Kerr is committed to new technology and is recognized as an early adopter in the industry.
Better technology means more efficiency per labor hour worked. Our utilization of GPS and drones significantly improves the predictability, production, and flexibility of every project. As a result, job starts and job cycles are completed with unprecedented efficiency, reduced rework, and lower operating costs.
Another commitment to new technology is the use of solar power at our headquarters. Checkout our solar status at Kerr Solar Power Status


GPS & Drone Technology

Market Leadership

We’re a market leader in the utilization of GPS technology for controlling grade. The continued investment in state-of-the-art equipment, the innovative use of this technology, and the complete dedication to advanced training ensure that our clients receive the highest value at the lowest overall cost. Our team of specialists is recognized for setting industry-leading standards while continually focusing on process improvement for the ultimate customer benefit.

GPS & Drone Technology

Client Benefits

Our utilization of GPS and Drone technology on each and every project results in numerous client benefits like: Better information to maximize the project’s requirements before work is started, increased production, greater predictability along with greater flexibility, higher accuracy, real-time production analysis, reduced rework, lower surveyor and operating costs. By setting the standards rather than simply meeting them, we will continue to pass savings on to our clients well into the future.

Our Employees

Expertise & Training

From site engineers and grade-checkers to foremen and equipment operators, our employees are extensively trained. Their knowledge and experience reduces downtime and helps to resolve issues as they arise, avoiding interruptions to the project schedule.


Fast-track Efficiency

Before earth-moving equipment cuts the surface, there are considerable planning, surveying, and design efforts that result in the overall project plan. GPS seamlessly connects the design engineers and field specialists into an integrated workflow, resulting in real-time synergy between our people and equipment. From initial planning to project completion, GPS technology significantly improves productivity and the total construction process.

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