Kerr Contractors knows that our company is only as good as the people that service our customers. We  continue to attract and retain the premier talent required to remain the region’s top heavy civil contractor. Our future depends upon having the required skills and knowledge, but we also want our employees to have a passion and love of the work that all our employees share. This attitude builds the sense of fun and provides  individuals with a feeling of empowerment.



Creativity Runs in the Blood

At Kerr, hard work and dedication pay dividends

Kerr Contractors has built an open culture focused on fostering an open and creative approach for solutions to daily challenges. New and better ideas come from a wealth of project experience and practical applications of technology. Kerr is consistently on the cutting edge and prepared to help you develop to your full potential.

Opportunities Breed Success

Great employees choose us

At Kerr, there are many opportunities available for developing your skills and knowledge. Whether you are a project engineer, equipment operator or a health and safety specialist, the dynamic nature of the construction industry means that training and development opportunities are regularly available. From you, what’s needed is a positive attitude, an entrepreneurial spirit, and the ability to balance life with work; this will make success all the more possible.