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Kerr Contractors draws on a staff of more than 300 that includes professional consultants, construction managers, estimators, schedulers, superintendents, crew members and office support staff.  The Kerr Contractors fleet includes more than 400 pieces of heavy construction equipment, all standard of the industry, including dozens of categories, from small dozers and loaders up to giant CAT D11 crawler dozers and Hitachi EX1800 excavators. When you need a lot of production on a fast-schedule job site, you can count on Kerr to deliver the optimum number of machines, with a skilled operator in every seat.


Kerr Contractors has invested heavily in GPS survey and machine control capabilities to verify existing topography, minimize grade staking, minimize workers’ exposure in traffic areas, prevent unnecessary delays in the schedule and most importantly, to improve efficiency and accuracy.  With operators taking their cues from GPS monitors, there is less rework, which saves time and money.


Kerr Contractor's equipment is serviced and repaired in the company’s 14-bay shop in Woodburn. This location also serves as our staging area for long-haul mobilization. Often, a complement of machines can be delivered to a job site days or even weeks ahead of the company’s competitors. To minimize downtime, a fleet of maintenance trucks provides rapid service on the job site.


Kerr Contractors is also a leader in paperless project management.  Our well-trained management team is equipped with lap-top computers and wireless air cards for connectivity anywhere.  Coupled with hand-held communication devices, this allows real-time access to project documentation and instant communication.  With the advent of high speed internet access, we have embraced an on-line document management storage and delivery system for all team members. Specifically, Kerr Contractors uses ProCore ( software to provide everyone with immediate access to current plans, RFIs, submittal logs, and other project documentation - saving time, money and lots of paper.