Rotomilling/Mixing Projects


Kerr's rotomilling division began in 2000 and performs over 100 projects per year throughout the Pacific Northwest. These projects typically range in size from $5,000 to $2,000,000. In addition to asphalt rotomilling, this division also performs cement mixing and stabilization. The Milling Division participates in nearly every type of construction and reconstruction project for Cities, Counties and State Transportation Departments. Other projects include commerical and residential developments. With the acquisition, this year, of the milling division from Kodiak Pacific, Kerr Contractors now has the largest milling fleet in the Northwest and is able to handle all projects, large or small. Milling equipment sizes range from cleanup machines to full lane mills. Mixing and stabilization equipment can mix up to 20" in depth. With the support of Kerr Contractors logistics, these machines can be on your job the very next day whether your project is in Portland, Medford, Spokane or Boise. Contact John Mengler for an estimate.